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Building Strong Relationships & Marriages



Restoring Hope, Changing Lives, Serving Nations.

 Today's Quote

"A person can live forty days without food, 4 hours without water, 4 minutes without air but only 4 seconds without hope" Anonymous.


1. Restore foundations in individual lives
2. Restore foundations of relationships and marriages
3. Promote healthy choices in a relationships and marriages towards nation building.



Building Strong Relationships and Marriages seeks to fill the emotional void in relationships by helping participants know who they are and how to maximize their potential for successful relationships and marriage.

Building Strong Relationships and Marriages, often referred to simply as BSRM, is a Ministry of Rhema Gospel Light Ministries International that runs single and married seminars every Tuesday evening. Launched in 2009 and hosted by Rev. Mrs L.C. Mbua, BSRM is the only ministry seminar addressing singles and couples on a weekly basis in Botswana. 

The seminar has been highly influential, and many of its topics penetrate into the myths and beliefs that surround the marriage institution as a whole. Rev. Lydienne uses the seminar as a platform to teach and inspire, providing participants with a positive, spiritually uplifting experience by featuring testimonies, comments, compelling interviews, self-improvement tips, and self-esteem boosters into participant's lives. The seminar gained credibility by the recovery testimony of Rev. Lydienne's own marriage, the spot-on counseling sessions and wisdom she shares with the young adults to stir up their potential and turn their lives around. BSRM is insightful, hilarious, real, convicting and compelling!