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Breaking the yoke in the market place - Part One


Breaking the yoke in the market place

Posted August 15, 2014 By Dr. Steve Mbua

What and where is the market place?

The market place- It is the combination of business, education, and government- it is to a metropolis what the heart is to the human body. Through these three arteries flows the life of any city or nation. Without the market place a city or nation cannot exist in the same fashion that the body cannot live without a heart. Millions of people today have been called to the market place but many feel despondent because of the challenges and the ongoing spiritual warfare in the market place. Many today in the market place, entrepreneurs, bankers, lawyers, farmers, stockbrokers and many more are losing the passion for their business for different reasons.

It is time we validate those called to the market place as ministers of God’s Kingdom because the last day’s revival prophesied by the Prophet Joel and quoted by Peter

(Acts2:17-21) will happen in the city – the market place and not inside a building. 

The purpose of the Market Place

The market is a place where people learn to make profit, exchange ideas, services, goods, locally, internationally, manufacturing and advertising amongst others. But yet again what is interesting about the market place is that if you are looking for talent you will find it there, knowledge to make money, all forms of wealth and power are available there. As busy as the ant kingdom is, so is the market place. That is where we also find the highest levels of human intelligence but at the same time spiritual powers at their highest. And because of the high level of competition for success in the market place, there are all kinds of demonic altars in the market some of which have dominant influence above others. So to succeed in the market place you have to be influential otherwise you will end up a casualty. People no longer do business “empty handed,” you need spiritual power to go out there to compete if you are going to be successful in the marketplace.

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